An acronym that was short and sweet just became alphabet soup.

Let’s break down what each letter represents because even I need a refresher. Once I get past transgender, I just feel lost in the alphabet.  Here we go: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual, StraightAlliance (or, I’ve heard this one as just Allies.) 
Here’s my questions that I’m posing: Why does there have to be so many letters in this acronym? Aren’t we all just people? Now as a lesbian woman, I have a couple of issues with this acronym. The first, is that it just screams the entire world. Those 10 letters represent just about everyones sexual orientation. There’s the gays, the lesbians, the transgender, the bisexuals and the straights. That’s everyone!

And, honestly, I do admit that I have an issue with the fact that there are Allies included into this one. I don’t know, there are a lot of straight people in my life who are my biggest supporters and there for me in many ways but when you go back to the root of the acronym: LGB, a condensed version that was used in reference to the gay community starting in the 1980’s. It wasn’t until later that the Transgender was added on. At the time that this acronym was coined though, the LGBT community were still struggling to be accepted by the heterosexual community.  

Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert on all things LGBT but there is a reason I am in school and seeking my degrees, that is to learn and broaden my knowledge. I haven’t quite figured out what the difference between intersexual and asexual are and why they need to be included. Do they really need to be lumped into the LGBT community? Isn’t intersexual simply an addition to Transgender. I suppose the moral of this post is to say that we need to do away with adding more letters to the alphabet soup that is the LGBTIQQIA. We are all human. All of us. Queer or straight.But, whatever your sexuality is, wave your flag proudly. Though I identify as lesbian, I am still human but what I am is proud of my sexuailty.


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