Winter Olympics clearly all for discrimination


With the Olympic torch just hours from being lit and sent around the world to make it’s path to Sochi Russia, there is still a major debate about the anti-gay Russia. Now, I am normally a huge supporter of the Olympics. I love nothing more than sitting and watching the Summer games. I love to keep up with Team USA; however, due to the fact that the International Olympic Committee will not be moving the Olympics from Russia I have decided to forgo watching any of the winter Olympics. I think it is morally wrong for the IOC o condone the country’s laws that are set against the LGBT community.

In an article posted in the Washington Post, it was stated that the Olympic Charter should be respected and that IOC basically can not interfere with the country’s government. I say that by hosting the Olympics in such a homophobic country is disgusting.  However, in another article, the Russian governement seems to be paying no attention as this was the quote that I stumbled upon: “Regarding this law, if people of traditional sexual orientation spread propaganda of non-traditional sex to children, then they will also be held accountable,” said Dmitry Kozak, a deputy prime minister in charge of overseeing preparations for the Sochi Olympics. “So there is simply no need to talk about discrimination.”

By saying this, it would appear that Prime Ministers of Russia are going to hold to their homophobic law despite what any charter says.  If I decide to tune into any of the Winter Olympic games, it will be to see if any of the athletes are supporting rainbows and pride pins regardless of this rule. I want the colors of the rainbow to stand just as bright as the American Flag. Granted, I would love for the US to withdraw from the games for going along with such an discrage, but that is an ideal image in my head. Russia should be ashamed that they would pass such laws against the LGBT community of the world, they should be ashamed that they would chose to be so uptight about the laws while the world will be watching their country.

In the future, I could only hope that the IOC would be more rewarding when granting countries the Olympics. They should look at the countries that obviously care about everyone as human beings, not single anyone out because they love the same sex. It would be nice if the IOC actually paid attention to the some 300,000 on a petition that was delivered to them to take action or remove the Olympics from Russia; however, this thought is once again that is a dream. Then again, the IOC handed Japan the next summer olympics and their country is currently having problems with issues with a nuclear power plant.

I will see you next time Olympics, in Rio for 2014. After all, a city that embraces the LGBT community.


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