Wendy Davis for Gov. Of Texas


Politics is not something I pay close attention too. As a busy college student working two jobs and trying to keep up with homework, I find myself with very little time to do much of anything else. However, when Wendy Davis to the floor of the Texas Legislature and delivered a 13 hour filibuster, I was paying close attention to this woman. Now that she has officially announced that she was run for the Governor of Texas, I am ecstatic!

It is about time for a woman to step into the office and take charge of this state. I know that the road will be tough for her but if she can stand for 13 hours with little help, I know that she will do her very best to win this. It is time for a woman to stand as the leader of the state that is one of the most hated states in the US. I know that there are many who do not want her to win, that will say a woman can not run for the Govoner of Texas but Ann Richards did it. She was a ballbusting tough old cookie that, I have a feeling, didn’t take no for an answer.

I am excited to follow this race. I would really like to see a woman in the seat. It’s 2013. Women are capable of anything these days. I know that whether Wendy wins or not, it will let other women see that they are capable of so much more than they realize and that the only way for a woman to see results is to do it herself.

Wendy Davis has my vote.



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