Time to end Bullying. Spirit Day.


In a previous blog post, I wrote about National Coming Out Day. Today, my post is about Spirit Day. It is a national event that is hosted by GLAD and encourages people to go Purple. This is a day to honor and remember the LGBT Teens that took their lives because of bullying. It is also a day to take a stand against Bullying. Bullying needs to come to an end. I know that it might be a pipe dream to think that we will ever life a live without it. We as humans, at least some of us, need to make ourselves feel better. So, we take it out on others who are less fortunate or are different.

On this day, I want to encourage everyone to say hello to someone they might not normally talk too, ask a stranger how they are or wish them a good day. It would be wonderful if parents could talk to their kids about the negative affects bullying someone can have on others. It is heartbreaking to hear that teens and even adults take their lives because they are bullied, even more disheartening because they are gay. As a lesbian woman, I have been pretty fortunante to not have any backlash because of my choice in sexuality, but sadly, I know that I am just one in a few handful of people. I dream of a world where kids can go to school and be safe, adults can go to work and not feel as if their job is on the line. It’s time to end bullying. This was a thought that has been on my mind all day becaues on this day, it makes me think of the teens that committed suicide and I know that families are feeling their absence everyday.

This is my personal message to everyone out there, if you are in need of a friend, you have one here. Don’t resort to taking your life because of homophibic bullying.


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