Scandal get’s it right on Gender in Politics.

Scandal is one show that is simply amazing! It has a tough woman lead, a woman who can bring the White House to the ground. This past Thursday, Scandal and Shonda Rhimes talked the subject of gender and that “women are weaker than men” and not fit to be in the White House. It is pretty amazing that this subject was tackled in this TV show because sadly, women are practically abused in the media when it comes to politics. The white males of this country look at women and snub their noses because they aren’t fit to run the country let alone serve in any kind of position that has them making decisions.

This needs to stop. The year is 2013 and women are making great advances across the United States. The image that we are just meant to stay at home and take care of children needs to be left behind. It is so tiring to search a woman candidate to see her smeared for something or just turned into a fashionista.  Maybe one day in my lifetime I will see a woman president. Maybe even a woman governor. One can only hope because it is time to shed the old ways and learn to grow as a country. I think everyone needs to see this video, even if they don’t watch Scandal, which in my opinion is an amazing show but, if they only watch this clip that is completely fine. The words that are spoken have such power and truth behind them.

Prejudice is all around us. Prejudice against genders and it is so offensive. It’s time to put sexism against women to be put in the trash can and look to the future of what gender equality can do if women and men truly learn to work together. Women are not weak and they are more capable of running the country just as men are capable of being stay at home mom’s.

Way to go Shonda for writing such an epic speech for Lisa Kudrow!


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