Automatic downloads without consent: Not cool

Automatic downloads without consent: Not cool

Scrolling through your music playlists on your mobile or tablet devices, most users have already become aware that they now are in possession of the free U2 album. There was no prompt to download the album or question to as if users even wanted the album. The following tweet appeared in a Huffington Post article stating that if Apple could drop an album on her phone then Keesey Montana knows they are helping the feds.

With all of this discussion of Big Brother watching and listening to everything that we do, would it be possible for the feds to plant something on our devices with Apple’s help? It sure is scary to think about, especially when you have no warning that a file is being uploaded into your device.

Or, is this Apple’s way of apologizing for the iCloud security issues concerning the nude celebrity photos being leaked? Whatever the case may be the, the argument is that users would have liked some warning before the album just magically appeared on their playlists. It shows the type of power Apple has because users can’t simply press a button to remove the music.

Also, not everyone wants the music of U2 on his or her iPhone. I would like to say that I have a pretty eclectic music taste but U2 is not a group I am a fan of at all. I wouldn’t pay for their albums much less accept it for free. As an avid Apple user, the idea of having this free album on my playlist is annoying, and I don’t like the idea of stuff just automatically downloading. HuffingtonPost posted a way to remove the album from iTunes just by clicking a button and entering in your Apple ID and password.

The next time Apple decides to go out on a limb and use their power to put a free album of music on someone’s playlist, give the users an option to download it and then remove it. Albums take up space on the phone and iCloud, space not everyone like myself wants to give up. I know I don’t. So, thanks Apple for the free album but no thanks, you can take it back.

To remove the album visit this link and enter in you Apple ID and password.

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